We drive social impact by

combining compassion with technology

01. Innovation

At the heart of our model are several key alliances on the technology front. These alliances create unique pathways that allow us to connect with budding communities that need a little extra push.

02. Collaboration

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with our partners to create a “boots on the ground” network in several developing nations. These human networks allow us to zero-in on the true needs and deliver impactful solutions.

03. Betterment

The work we do on a global basis serves as a catalyst for empowerment. We seek to create bridges between aspiring entrepreneurs and sustainable opportunities that provide far more than just relief.

Cellphones are the conduit for the empowering work we do worldwide. We leverage devices already in the hands of the people we aim to serve and deliver freedom, one minute at a time.

In developing nations, people connect using cell phones, but their cell phone plans are limited; they use individual minutes and must use them wisely. They “top up” their minutes every week, or when they can afford to, and also use those minutes as a form of currency by trading them for goods & services because they cannot access cash or use a credit or debit card. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bank or ATM on every corner. In many areas, credit cards don’t help because there’s no way to swipe them in a store; there’s also no Apple Pay on their watch, no Samsung Pay on their phones, and no Amazon deliveries coming, thanks to Alexa. Life is very different when you don’t have a bank or the systems we use every day. These folks have to manage their money and purchases differently, Including through the use of minutes on their phone.

We provide universal phone minutes through a technology called BitMinutes. BitMinutes can be used as pre-paid cellphone minutes or for value exchange. Instead of forcing users in developing nations to lock-up their limited capital in the form of pre-paid minutes, BitMinutes provides the ultimate option in liquidity. BitMinutes can be sent to other cellphone users to top-up their phones or used to pay for products and services, almost like a currency, but far more universal. It’s through these BitMinutes that Women for a Better World can reach and touch the lives of people in countries like Nigeria and Kenya. When our supporters give to our cause, they’re essentially buying BitMinutes that get distributed in the form of empowering contributions or microloans to benefactors in our target communities.


Give The Gift of Minutes

Gifts of any size make a huge difference in the work we’re doing. Any contributions you gift go towards purchasing BitMinutes that get distributed to in the form of microloans or charitable gifts.

Gifts are not tax deductible.


Contact Us & Let’s Find Synergies

We are always looking for alliances that will further our efforts. If you love being part of world change and have ideas, connections, or capital that can fuel our mission, please reach out.