Got A Minute

Quite literally, we give “minutes” to people in developing nations, and these minutes create opportunities. How many minutes would you like to give?

Our most active campaign right now is taking place in Nigeria, which happens to be one of the most unbanked regions in the world. We’re offering $5.00 USD microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs. Upon satisfactory payback of these loans, their borrowing limits increase. Not only are we making capital more readily accessible, we’re helping patrons establish a credit profile in a region of the world where this is typically out of reach. Your support helps fund these life-changing microloans. Got A Minute… to give?

You can also take part in our Got A Minute/ Give A Minute initiative, where you’re contributing towards the purchase of BitMinutes that get distributed directly to cellphones in our target aide zones. Check with our facilitators for times when we match your gifts minute-for-minute to provide double the capital to target markets.


Contributions of any size make a huge difference in the work we’re doing. Any contributions you make go towards purchasing BitMinutes that get distributed to in the form of microloans or charitable gifts.

Gifts are not tax deductible