Our mission is simple:

we empower & support women globally who make our world a better place

From the inner city to developing areas without a banking infrastructure, to people in need, following events where banking and access to funds are suddenly unavailable: we have the solution and the ability to help!

“We are progressive. We are principled. We have the ability to help those who are poverty-stricken and under-served… and we’re doing it!” ~ Denise Dales

Women For A Better World helps people rise-up from difficult economic circumstances through the use of universal cell phone minutes. We call these minutes “universal” because they can be sent from one person to another person for use with almost every cell phone carrier and can be used to pay for talk time, internet access and in some areas of the world, used as actual currency.

Currently, we are offering 1000 microloans to women in Africa with little to no access to banks or credit. We’re using technology to access these loans and repay them right through their cellphones. Where banks typically loan only $1000 or more to people with existing credit, we’re starting with loans of $5 to allow women to take a step forward, develop credit history, and borrow more. Talk about empowerment!

Meet the compassionate change-makers who are behind Women for a Better World:

Denise Dales

Chief Executive Officer, Women For A Better World

Maxine Alagar

Chief Operations Officer, Women For A Better World

Marlene Bass

Coordinator, Women For A Better World

Support from people like you is how we reshape lives

Contributions of any size make a huge difference in the work we’re doing. Any gifts you give go towards purchasing BitMinutes that get distributed to in the form of microloans or charitable gifts.